Sheila Bonvallat Realtor Services

When you’re looking to navigate the real estate market, there’s no reason to get at it alone. As one of the top agents in Merritt Island, FL, I have been helping individuals and families with all of their real estate needs from buying to selling to relocating and more. With so many homes in Merritt Island, FL, how do you know where to start or even how to begin?

I am committed to helping every single one of my clients get what they want, whether they’re trying to buy a home, sell a home or relocate across (or into) the city.

Having personally lived in the county for over two decades and having gone through fourteen relocations, I combine personal experience with professional expertise to deliver results you will be happy with.

Buy a Home

I can assist families that need to purchase a home anywhere in Merritt Island, FL. Whether you have lived in the city for your entire life or just moving to the city for the first time, I can help you locate a home based on the criteria you have for a perfect home. No matter what your budget is, I will do everything I can in order to find you a home that has everything you need.

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Sell a Home

Without real estate training and experience it can be hassle to figure out how to get your house to compete with other homes in Merritt Island, FL. With over two decades of personal experience living in the county, I have developed first-hand knowledge over local market trends. I understand what sells well under certain conditions and I put this information to use for you and your home.


There’s no better option for relocation than myself, having relocated throughout the county fourteen different times in my life. I put my past experiences with relocation to use by helping all of my clients make a relocation transition smooth and efficient. Whether you’re moving across the city or moving into the county for the first time, I will do everything I can to help you through the process.

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Other Specialties

While I cover all needs in real estate, there are a few areas that I specialize in. I’m capable of assisting families with short sales, relocation, listings and standard residential sales. These are the most common needs that my clients have, but I do it all.

No matter what your real estate needs are, give me a call today and I will be happy to assist you through the entire process. I don’t rest until you’re happy with a smile on your face!